All out of Halo Juice

2010-06-07 00:46:56 by Halochief89

Yep, drained if you haven't noticed. My Halo Clairvoyance pieces and story I think just drained me entirely dry of ideas for Halo drawings. I'm holding back all of my Dragon Age drawings cause I know Newgrounds is a shithaven for 13 year olds who only want gore or tits.

Thats why there hasn't been much of a update of my art in a while. I've been all Dragon Age Origins art the past 2 months and I've only uploaded pieces I knew the community might like.

If anyone can give me something that might inspire me to do Halo again throw it my way, I need it right now Dragon Age is still the major contender taking up all my art, that and commissions for people and their Original Characters.

All out of Halo Juice


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2010-06-07 05:34:31

what the hell??????????


2010-06-17 21:35:27

you could do a scene from the marine's point of view.
a spartan going head to head with a hunter.
wut u look like in halo 3 or reach.



2010-06-26 03:06:03

Both your Dragon age and Halo stuff are great. I have been looking at your art for the past half-hour and i just love it


2010-08-20 20:46:47

True, true most people my age do that but umm I'm trying to become an artist like a concept artist for games and movies and right now my art kinda suck umm do you have any tips or anything because I have seen a lot of your Halo art and its amazing soo do you have any tips?


2011-09-25 16:57:16

love the halo art