Well a Reason to be here!

2009-06-23 22:41:29 by Halochief89

Hey! an art portal now, thats awesome finally a reason for me to stay on this site other then watching and listening! Pretty kick ass!!
Anyways hope you guys enjoy my art I've been working on the past I uno..... 3 years?

Well a Reason to be here!


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2009-06-24 18:40:49

i like this its a 10/10 rating art picture


2009-07-28 02:42:40

Dude I enjoy what you are doing I have always been into videogames and Halo myself. Your drawings are very good and I really like them, Some words of advice though, work on getting your proportions right. It can make your drawings look a lot better. I've noticed that alot of your illustrations are somewhat inproportionate please try and fix that. Oh and check out my videogame art!


2009-09-17 20:22:36

well I got a new fav artist